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Vila Cakes

Vila Cakes Creative pastry shop, organizing courses, workshops and demonstrations of pastry. Decorating cakes and buffets, sugar works, carving vegetables and professional ham slicing.

Tienda de pastelería creativa, cursos, talleres y demostraciones de pastelería. Decoración de pastelería y buffet, caramelo, talla de verduras y cortador de jamón profesional.

Opening hours: Not yet provided by this business

Dance school "Passion Dance"

Dance school Dance School of 300m square, 3 spacious rooms, air conditioning, lockers.
Location very central, located near the Can Ventosa cultural center and the new parking Pratet.
On their website is written: Our goal is simple, make the costumers meet and dance!
Teaching to dance is much more than move, is to feel, is emotion, is working together, is to learn discipline and fellowship, is to have illusion, is improve every day and progress.
Is above all: enjoy!

Opening hours: Not yet provided by this business

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museo d'Art Contemporal The museum is located in an emblematic 17th-century building in the Dalt Vila, the historic quarter of Ibiza. Its collections contain an outstanding representation of the artistic creativity that emerged on the island in the 1960s, and works by artists of the stature of Tàpies and Miralles, among others, as well as by lesser-known artists, natives or residents of the Balearic Islands. The museum has a beautiful garden and organises many temporary exhibitions. There is also an important collection of engravings. When they start building the new part, they found old pieces of the city from 1600 after Christ. So they made a glass floor with lights on the ruins. You know walk over the excavations of the old city.

Opening hours: Not yet provided by this business

Tahiti Tattoo / Tahiti Tiki Tattoo

Tahiti Tattoo On Ibiza you see a lot of locals with beautiful tattoo's. If you are interested in Tahtian style, there are 2 shops you can go to: Tahiti Tattoo near Cala de Virgin and Tahiti Tiki Tattoo. Tahiti Tattoo opened in 1995 it was one of the 1st official Tattoo Shops in Ibiza with one of the most popular Tahitian Tattooists as her resident Tattooist. Although still specialising in Tahitian symbols, these days the shop from April to October also offers all Tattoo styles from Tribal to Japonese to Old School. The main Tattooist from April to October is Sandra, the owner and founder of the 2 shops. During the quiet months Sandra also takes care of Piercing and during the Winter months teams up with Mana down in Tiki Tattoo. Tahiti Tiki Tattoo is dedicated to Polynesian Art, Europe's gateway to traditional hand carved treasures from 'Aotearoa' (New Zealand) and Tahiti. In the future the selection will also include art from other Polynesian Islands. In the meantime we can find Traditional art made from Bone, Greenstone (Jade), Paua, Shell, and Wood in the main sala of Tiki Tattoo.

Opening hours:

  • April & October
  • June to September
  • 17:00 - 23:00 hrs
  • 17:00 - 02:00 hrs

Boat to Formentera

Boat to Formentera Formentera is the smaller and more southerly island of the Balearic islands. It is renowned across Europe for many pristine white beaches and the fact that nude sunbathing is allowed on most of its beaches. Although the roads allow access to all parts of the island and cars are easily hired in the port, many people choose to rent bicycles due to the flat nature of most of the island and the availability of dedicated cycle tracks in many locations. From the harbor of Ibiza you can buy ferry tickets between 20 en 40 euros. You leave early in the morning and return in the night. They operate from their own terminal in Ibiza port, with departures every half hour in high season on large (200+ passenger) fast catamarans. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes with 10 minutes each leaving Ibiza.

View Es Vedra

View Es Vedra Es Vedrà is a small rocky island of the south western seaboard of the Spanish island of Ibiza. The island is part of the Cala d'Hort nature reserve and lies 2.4 km of the coast at Cala d’Hort which is in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia. The island is uninhabited. The easiest way to see Es Vedra is from Cala d’ Hort, but the nicest view on Es Vedra is from the tower of es Savinar, erected in 1763, also known as the Pirate's Tower, thanks to the Blasco Ibañez novel. It is located in Punta de Oliva . It can be reached from Es Cubells, some 20 kilometres south of Sant Josep. Situated 200 above sea level, the coast of the Spanish mainland can be seen from the tower when the weather permits. The island is said to be home to sirens and sea-nymphs who tried to lure Odysseus from his ship in Homer’s Greek Odyssey. It is also thought of as the holy island of the Tanit the Phoenician lunar goddess, worshipped as the patron goddess and of fertility, who became Ibiza’s patroness. Legend has it that specific sacrifices were made to Tanit during full moons on the shore of the island. Many people have claimed to have seen UFOs around the island and some believe that there is a secret UFO base under the sea here, and that Es Vedrà is there gateway or navigation beacon. One such sighting is famously known as Caso Manises. On November 11th 1979 a commercial flight between Mallorca and Tenerife was redirected to make an emergency landing in Valencia. The pilot reported a strange rapid moving light accosting his aircraft close to the island of Es Vedrà. He sent out an SOS signal and as the air traffic controller was unable to identify the object he was urged to change his flight path.

Hiking Sa Talaia

Hiking Sa Talaia Hike to the highest mountain in Ibiza, Sa Talaia.
You climb to one of the highest points in Ibiza (475 metres)
The trail starts in the village of Sant Josep and climbs quickly to Sa Talaia.
It is well-signposted, passes by charming rural houses and traverses savine and pine forests.

Hiking from Sa Canal to Cap de Falco

Hiking from Sa Canal to Cap de Falco For this hike of almost 6 hours you need 2 cars. Drive in the morning with 2 cars to Cap de Falco and leave 1 car there. Then drive to Sa Canal (5 minutes from the end stop of the bus to Las Salinas) and when you pass the small village, park car number 2 there. Then follow the coast line until you see a path going up. After that, keep on following the coastline until you reached Cap de Falco. If you arrive there at sunset, relax at Beach club Experimental. Sa Canal: this little development at the southernmost tip of the island owes its existence to that white gold known as salt. The function of the village was to load salt onto ships for onward transmission to northern Europe.

Visit The Doorway to Heaven

Hiking from Sa Canal to Cap de Falco Go to Santa Agnes (Santa Ines) close to the northern coast of the island. From there you head to your left (west) and follow the tarmac road along the edge of the valley, which is carpeted with almond trees and a sight to behold in February when they are all in full bloom. Then follow this road for about a kilometer when after a short incline the road goes downhill past a beautiful old finca on the left within a field of lavender. Shortly after this we come across an open area decorated with boulders, which serves as a car park for the Restaurant Las Puertas del Cielo. This means the 'doorway to heaven' and the view from the cliff top over Ses Margalides, the island before you with a natural arch which boats often pass through. Here you can remember friends or family who passed away.

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